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Our two passions at DC Aikido:
-Introducing martial arts to beginners-
-Building a strong, positive community-
-Introducing Martial arts & building Dc community since 2002-
Kids Programs




Raising a Champion in Life
Teaching our kids the ABC's of Success
A great activity for kids of all ages!
Would you like to ensure that your child will grow up to be confident, fit and capable of handling themselves regardless of the obstacles they will face? Our classes are jam-packed with fun, fitness and exciting martial arts exercises that kids love! You’ll love our classes too because they’ll bring out the inner champion in your child!

When your child participates in classes, our talented instructors will give your child an incredible workout while instilling important leadership and character building skills. At the same time, your child will develop rock solid self-defense skills to keep them safe.

Today there are dozens of options for fun kid's activities, but none can give your child the benefits they’ll get from taking martial arts classes! From giving kids a lifelong appreciation for fitness and engaging them with other kids their age in a fun and safe setting to teaching kids self-defense and building their self-confidence, our martial arts classes are simply one of the best gifts you can give your child!
Time and time again, parents tell us about the positive changes they see in their kids.
  • A great workout that kids love
  •  Healthy activities that stimulate muscle growth and promote flexibility
  •  Improved coordination
  •  Unbreakable focus and concentration that leads to better grades
  •  A proven system to boost your child's self-esteem
  •  Critical life lessons to cope with peer pressure and bullying
  •  Leadership skills that separate your kids from the pack
  •  An appreciation for goal setting and plenty of positive reinforcement to develop a non-quitting spirit
  •  Bully Proof and Stranger Danger Curriculum
We teach kids through the “I CAN” program to help them learn the ABCs of what it takes to become a champion in life… Attitude, Behavior, Character!
Adult Programs






DC Aikido Martial Arts For Adults
Get Fit, Have Fun And Learn A Valuable Skill!
​Strengthen your mind, body, and spirit through our martial arts training. Apart from great self-defense skills, you will also gain increased power and flexibility, enhanced focus, better reflexes and a great community of people ready to welcome you into the wonderful world of martial arts.
What is the Martial Art of Aikido?  

A Japanese internal energy-based martial art, Aikido (pronounced "Eye", "Key", "Doe") was created in the 1930s by Master Morihei Ueshiba. The martial art of Aikido incorporates a very unique philosophical foundation of peace and harmony along with well-defined self-defense techniques to control a bigger, stronger, and faster person. 

How Does Aikido Work?

Aikido is a "grappling & throwing" art (like Jiujitsu/Judo). That means instead of strikes or blunt-force trauma, you use as system of throws, take-downs, joint-locks and leverage based principles to take your opponents off their feet quickly.  Whether you are struck at with fists, feet or weapons, whether you are grabbed, pulled or shoved, you will be trained to take away and control the one thing every opponent needs to be a threat, their balance.  Most importantly, you will be trained to take a fall, a throw and lose your balance properly so you can not only protect yourself from an unseen attack, but also learn to use this skill as leverage to facilitate counter techniques.

Will I Learn to Use and Defend Against Weapons?

Absolutely.  Opponents come armed and unarmed.  We prepare for both scenarios.

What Type of Student Does This Aikido School Produce?

You will learn traditional, Aikido form and you will progress beyond the basics of a traditional, Aikido school.  This means that we care about consistency in teaching traditional, Aikido skill foundations, but we are not going to limit your growth and exploration as you progress.  We want your skills to have practical application for self-defense, for use in every day life, for growth as a person.

How is This School Different From Other Schools?

We are not a club, a non-profit, or a part-time school.  We are a full-time, fully staffed, professional martial arts school.  We have all the resources that a student will need to not only get a great start training, but the continued support and attention you can expect to receive from both our staff and our amazing community of students.

What is The Community Like at DC Aikido?

I like to say that, "Everyone comes here for the martial arts training, but they stay for the community." - Ryan

Let's be honest, the martial arts are amazing and we do love to "nerd-out" learning new skills and polish what we've already learned, but we wouldn't do it if the people we trained with didn't make it a fun and welcoming place that we look forward to returning each and every week.

I think our "dojo philosophy" can be summarized below:

Aikido training places great emphasis on the development of positive human qualities such as compassion, courage, endurance, and inner strength. In this spirit, Aikido training is undertaken with the goal of improving the individual and thereby society as a whole.

Our school exists to introduce the Art of Aikido and foster a community that will support all students in their martial arts journey that is fun, safe and practical.

If you think you are ready to learn more or check us out, take a look below.

Here is how to get started...
2 Class Trial Program:

  -If you are new the martial arts scene, we want to give you the opportunity to explore what our school has to offer and make sure you are in the best place to meet your training goals and needs.

 -Your 1st class will be in a small, private group with other beginners just like you.  The goal is to provide a basic introduction to what we teach while answering any and all of your questions.  We will teach you the fundamentals of our discipline and give you the tools you need in preparation for your next class.

 - Your 2nd class is where you will take what you've learned in class #1 and experience a full class with our current students who will be excited and ready to meet and work with you.  The goal of this class is to give you the full benefit of understanding how training will be structured and whether or not our classes, community and material will meet your training goals and needs.

We have 2 passions at DC Aikido.  Introducing martial arts to new students and building a strong, positive community.  If you think you are ready to take on a new challenge, try something new or finally begin your martial arts journey, please click the link below to take the next step.  Thank you for checking out our school and we hope to meet you soon!


-Ryan Bausch

DC Aikido Martial Arts

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Student Success Stories
Henry P.
Chris M.
Marisa K.

WEEK 1:     June 17th - June 21st
WEEK 2:     June 24th - June 28th
WEEK 3:     July 1st - July 3rd
WEEK 4:     July 8th - July 12th
WEEK 5:     July 15th - July 19th
WEEK 6:     July 22nd - July 26th
WEEK 7:     July 29th - August 2nd
Week 8:     August 5th - August 9th
Week 9:     August 12th - August 16th
Week 10:   August 19th - August 23rd

Ages: Children ages 5-11 welcome
Cost: $420 per week

January 26th
February 16th
March 14th & 15th
April 15th-18th

Ages: Children ages 4-11 welcome
Cost: $95 Per Day, Per Camper

Drop-Off: 8:30-9:30 AM
Pick-Up: 3:00-3:30 PM
After Care: 3:30-6:00 PM

Camps fill up fast, register today!

DC Aikido
2639 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20008
The Coolest Summer Camp In Town!
Register for 2 or more weeks or register more than 1 camper and get 10% off

DC Aikido Martial Arts Summer Camp is the place to be this summer!

Your kids will enjoy... 

Learning the basics of martial arts to include:

Rolls, falls and tumbling
School-appropriate responses to grabs, strikes and aggression
Basics that include throws, joint-locks and pins (only to be performed with instructors)
Games, games and more games to reinforce and apply learned skills in a fun and dynamic way
Outdoor fun at the local park everyday for fresh air, sunshine and a change of pace
Meditation time to slow down the body and mind to learn reflection and focus
A structured activity/project that will engage the campers minds and creativity,
where they will have a chance to create something they can take home at the end of the week.
A chance to earn their very 1st rank at the end of the week in our martial art, Aikido!

Drop-Off: 8:30-9:30 AM

Pick-Up: 3:00-3:30 PM

After Care: 3:30-6:00 PM

Camps fill up fast, register today!

DC Aikido
2639 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20008
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